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Claudia Barbara Nösler started as a public fiction on the 6th of june 2010 as a tax expert for the "steuerdong" at basso in berlin, to support some young creatives dealing with their tax computation problems.
More or less at the same time she started a career as accountant for galerie krise - a no budget art space by a good friend and relative of her. In this position she could prove her talent in creative accounting, as the gallery never sold anything but had some expenses to keep the business running.
Thanks to her, galerie krise could even move to tokyo/japan (all debts are payed!) and occupy approximately 7 km² of the city as an exhibition space to show foto works by 24 based in berlin - partially internationally known - artists.
As there was unfortunately no money left to pay security, the art changed the owners without payment and the director put the whole "business" on hold.
Also basso closed her doors for the public in 2011 - there was no steuerdong to expect and Claudia Barbara Nösler became quite unemployed. She even tried to get engagements in various credit institutions, but allways failed by unequal views on money.
So she had time in 2012 to prepare herself quietly for the end of the world as well as the end of money interests.
We all know, both ends failed and Claudia Barbara Nösler has to find some new opportunities to get busy now.

Good luck Claudia Barbara!


Claudia Barbara was not born her way, but it seems that a good friend and relative tried to push her into reality before it finally happened - let's have a look back:


You can see Claudia Barbara, but what do you actually see? A woman out of place who didn't found her purpose yet. Bendet to horizontallity, buttressed by nature and not her own will. And anyway, what's going on with her legs?!
(printed as a poster for basso magazin #5 - out of place)

Another shot from 2007. There is obviously a penis envy - thanks good she's got over this!


Just look! How she's sitting on the finger of her good friend and relative like a casual little bird in a concrete jungle - thinking, thinking, thinking ...
But where is she actually? In illusion, in reality or in utopia?
(published in basso magazin #6 - believe it or not)

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