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30.05.2014 - finally! claudia barbara for sale ...

of course, you cannot buy me (not yet) but a piece of mine.
in fact tomorrow. may 31th 2014 at :// about blank for the refugee charity auction.
it starts 7:30 pm and you can pay as much as you want. the income goes to the ongoing refugee protests in germany / europe ...

more informations:
platz o platz
asylum rights evolution

21.05.2013 - hey workers

human capital of the world unite!

21.04.2013 - proto t-shirt promo

model: my good friend and relative

19.04.2013 - the dimensions of the financial crisis

the forbes magazine published once again their global 2000 list - the biggest companies in the world and their profits. very interesting i guess.
gold and silver are going this year to china, respectively to the banks icbc and china construction bank. the usa, last year still on all 3 steps of the rostrum, has to content themself with bronce. of course also represented by a bank (morgan chase). germany jumped with the volkswagen from 17 to 14, or better to say droved.

the profits of the first 3 seem to be about $ 89.700.000.000 and the first 10 made $ in euro it would be 187.716.500.000. big respect to all who counted this!

and now to the dimensions:
187.716.500.000 € stacked up by 1 cent pieces (1,67 mm high) would made a hight of 31.348.655,5 km, if i didn't miscalculated.
to the moon it's just 384.400 km by the way. to the sun it's 149.600.000 km, but if it goes on like this, we will made it too - the volkswagen profit was 10 years ago at wishy-washy 3.990.000.000 €, so just about 14 % from todays income and i've toted up only the first 10 listed companies. if we would stack up all the worldwide profit, even the smallest, we would be probably already in a different galaxy.
brothers and sisters, to sun and to freedom!

and something else: if the profits of the first 100 companies would be globally shared between all the people (about 7,1 billions after all), everyone would get offhandedly 117 €. it's kind of the double, what the eastgermans got as a reception money back then from the brd.
welcome on earth...

01.03.2013 - In a straight line

For all who missed it or couldn't see.
So many people were there. I'm so not used to it. In my office I'm mostly alone - just the phone rings from time to time.
So some pictures of my performance of La Monte Youngs composition #9 "Draw a straight line and follow it." yesterday at the Prisma Pavillion ...

To be true I had some concerns that somethings will get lost, also because the value of the piece was slightly over the insurance value of the exhibited works, but knock on wood the artworld is so well behaving!
No idea what would have happened if the performance would have happen on a shareholder meeting or at the job center...

A big thank you to Gerry Bibby for the invitation and the Künstlerhaus Bethanien for the budget. As you can see it's perfectly invested: new hairdress and new shoes - finally!

28.02.2013 - prisma pavillion - cbn goes art!

My goodness!!! Since weeks I'm so excited that i completely forgot to announce!
Allready today I'll oerform a performance in Gerry Bibbys Prisma Pavillion - of course a lot of money is involved!

Also with:
Endre Aalrust, Nadja Abt, Fiona Bate, Michael Beutler, Gerry Bibby, Juliette Blightman, Wolfgang Breuer, Mitch Cairns, Baltazar Castor, Anders Clausen, Tim Davies, Alyssa De Luccia, Martin Ebner, Yusuf Etiman, Heike Karin Föll, Julian Göthe, Agatha Gothe Snape, Natalie Häusler, Lily Hodges, Karl Holmqvist, Judith Hopf, Fox Hysen, Egija Inzule, Tobias Kaspar, Tove El, Janne Lervik, Adam Linder, Matthew Robert Lutz-Kinoy, Shahryar Nashat, Pegs Marlow, Ariane Müller, Sean McNanney, Julia Alida Müschen, no:sler, Claudia Barbara Nösler, Salome Oggenfuss, Henrik Olesen, Kirsten Pieroth, Lucreccia Quintinilla, Sabine Reitmaier, Daniel Reuter, SOPHIE, Anne Speier, Susanne Winterling

19 – 22 h

01.03. – 24.03.2013
Di - So: 14 - 19 h

künsterhaus bethanien
kottbusser straße 10
10999 Berlin

05.02.2013 - R wie Rundfunkzehnt

So wie die Kirche die Vertreterin und Hüterin des Glaubens darstellt, so stellt der öffentlich rechtliche Rundfunk den Vertreter und Hüter der öffentlichen Meinung dar. Ohne die Kirche kommt keiner in den Himmel und ohne den öffentlich rechtlichen Rundfunk bleiben alle dumm.
Damit die Schäflein das auch glauben, brauchen Kirche und öffentlich rechtlicher Rundfunk Geld, um z.B. Kirchen und Fernsehstudios zu bauen, oder Prediger und Moderatoren zu bezahlen.
Vor der sogenannten Aufklärung (ihr wisst schon: der Ausgang des Menschen aus seiner selbstverschuldeten Unmündigkeit) erhob die Kirche pauschal einen Kirchenzehnt, ob man daran glaubte oder nicht.
Den öffentlich rechtlichen Rundfunk gab es damals noch nicht. Der kam erst eine Weile nach der Aufklärung (ihr wisst schon: der Ausgang des Menschen aus seiner selbstverschuldeten Unmündigkeit), kurz nach der Einführung des Volksemphängers und die Gebühr zu seiner Finanzierung war an den Besitz eines solchen (Radio o. Fernsehgerät) geknüpft.
Durch fortschreitende technische Entwicklungen (Internet, WWW), wurde der Besitz eines Volksempfängers immer weniger notwendig und die Finanzierung des öffentlich rechtlichen Rundfunks nach alter Manier geriet in's Wanken. Zum Glück erinnerte sich die öffentliche Meinung an das voraufklärerische Finanzierungsmodell der Kirchen und verpflichtete ab dem 01.01.2013 alle Schäflein zur Zahlung des Rundfunkzehnt, genannt "Rundfunkbeitrag". Ausgenommen von dieser Zahlung ist der Ideengeber des neuen Finanzierungsmodells, also "Betriebsstätten, die gottesdienstlichen Zwecken gewidmet sind".

01.02.2013 - Simple calculation

I like to calculate!
So I've calculated how long i will need to put a zero in all existing 1 eurocent pieces at my current rate. Sit down - it's about 23378 years! I think I should start to pay attention to immortality or to hammer faster.
On the other hand in 23378 years I'll be probably quite alone (that means without money, at least without Euro). You just have to look back 20000 years in history, then you are in the Würm glaciation of the last ice age. Without being historian - I'm accountant - I would say that the people at that time didn't had money but other problems, the ice for instance. From this review I would dare the preview, that also in 20000 years people will have other problems than money. Hopefully not the ice again, but something i can not imagine right now - they will see.
And you can see why i like that simple calculations: they bring you thoughts....

26.01.2013 - Imagine!

Imagine, there is capitalism and nobody is paying.

24.01.2013 - Yen Yang

A friend, who left Japan cause of the behavior of the Japanese government after the worst case scenario in Fukujima (do you remember?), just told me that the value of Yen comparing to Euro went extremely down and because of this, she lost some money, which she still has in Japan. In July 1 € was about 90 ¥ now it's like 120 ¥.
The result of some research was, that there is some effort to inflate by the Japanese government. Maybe it's just a kind of punishment to the people who left their country, cause of the politics...

By the way - I just remember, my good friend and relative once did a "Kapital schlagen" - Yen/Yang edition, to give away as a new years present for friends. I think i'll take it and make a product out of it to sell it to all of you.
Can't wait to open my shop!

24.01.2013 - Polyglot

From now on, the news are bilingual! That means if I make the effort to write them in german/english ....

22.01.2013 - Wild west world of hurt

In a small 350 people village in texas the chappell hill bank is the first in the nation that actually welcomes legally concealed handguns...

“You never know who’s sitting in this bank,” said Ed Smith, president of the Chappell Hill Bank. “If you’re coming in to rob it, I think you’re going to be in a world of hurt.”

I just imagine something like this: someone comes to the bank to deposit some cash. While looking for the wallet he has to take out his gun. The clerk get's a jerk, takes his gun and shoot him down. All the other attendant clients watching the "ernstfall", but feel prepared with their guns and the whole scenario turns into a bloody hollywood disaster, or as Ed Smith said: into a world of hurt.
So people in texas, better never put your gun in the same pocket as your money!

18.01.2013 - my poor good friend!

hm, actually i feel a bit bad.
"i need a little website, just simple, nothing big and it's urgent - to have something ready for the fashion show!" i asked my good friend and relative, who does websites somehow, one day before the event!
and: "i can not really pay right now, but when the business is running..." - blink blink with my puppy dog eyes...
"ok" he said and he did, cause he can not say no, but he can do.
and when the simple, not big site was on - right in time: "actually it would be nice to put some videos and i just found that presentimental pictures, which would be nice to show in the about section and wouldn't it be great if people could subscribe to a newsletter and wouldn't it make sense to make it bilingual? cause my native tongue is german and i also know germans." - "ok, ok, ok" he said and he did, cause he can not say no, but he can do.
so thanks to him! you can watch some videos and see some presentiments of mine and subscribe to my newsletter and read parts in german and english now and there will be a service section soon.

when the business is running i'll pay - i promise and now bake him a cake!

17.01.2013 - Parliamentary correction

"There is a gain of poverty reports in germany, but not a gain of poverty."

German liberal politician Martin Lindner in the german parlament

I've heard that meanwhile a big part of the population in greece, spain, portugal, italy and so write mainly poverty reports. Even the toilet paper is getting short there - cause a lack of paper.

16.01.2013 - telekommunisten?

the deutsche telekom doesn't only communicate in germany but also in poland for instance and there they tried an advertisement campaign with lenin.
what's next? marx in germany?
i'll take some time now to think if i would like that ...

... or i just don't care.

16.01.2013 - Finacial Thesis

The economists have only interpreted the money, in various ways; the point is to change it.

15.01.2013 - website rework

i'm online since just 2 days and there's already a complete rework of this website to give it a more serious and authentic touch. i think big for the future - so my website has to be perfect. (i'd like to thank deutsche bank, deutsche telekom and ubs for inspiration)
being up to date, effective and optimized for success means a lot to me!
if this rhytm keeps on, there will be a shop soon to bring you goodies to spend money on and make me rich.
one product is hidden here already - whatch out!


Claudia Barbara Nösler is very happy to be a model!


Sunday 13 January, 2pm – 8pm


Basso Edition: Julian Goethe’s calender - prelude in C
the artist will be present for autographs

*TOPP SHOPPE is an interior design store by Sean McNanney
Open Thursday – Saturdays 1-6pm, through until 30 January 2013.
Skalitzer 68 Berlin 10997

(FOTO Styling: Sean McNanney Model: Claudia Barbara Clothes: 20122TK1JEANS by Tobias Kaspar, a Camel Hair Campaign Blanket by TOPP SHOPPE and shoes by Hiegle Exclusive)

12.01.2013 - cbn online

Claudia Barbara has an official website now. there's still something to do, but isn't it allways like this?

this is a botnik site